Hubertus von Linz, a Knight Templar, had an apparition of the Babylonian goddess, Isais, in the ruins of Niniveh, in modern Iraq. On her behest he brought in 1221 a black, orbed gemstone from Mesopotamia to a hiding place inside of Mount Untersberg.


DHvSS - Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein (The Masters of the Black Gems) - an order headquartered in Vienna and Venice, preserved the Templar's secret till the 19th century.

In the age of Mozart, the Illuminati found a cave for their rituals in Mount Untersberg.

Hitler and Himmler knew about the Black Gem in Mount Untersberg and desired to discover its secret with all means, to abuse it for their purposes.

Obergruppenführer Kammler, who was responsible for 'strahlwaffen' ('jet weapons', the contemporary expression for jet fighters) and the subterranean constructions of the Third Reich, succeeded in localising the time phenomenon in Mount Untersberg and in making it work for himself.