Mount Untersberg



The northernmost mountain massif of the Alps. Half of it belongs to Austria, the other half to Germany. It is located between the townships of Salzburg and Berchtesgaden: a huge, triangular rock which looms eastwards like a spearhead. Countless legends enshroud this mountain, known in all the Germanophone area. Magic Mountain is another of its names. Of vanished people it is told. Have they fallen into one of the many caves or dolines? Or were they trapped in a so-called 'temporal hole', a place where time slows down by hundreds of times?

In any case this is quite a special mountain. Some will look there for dwarfs and elves, others again consider Mount Untersberg a site of power, complete with Ley-lines, celebrating their shamanic rituals on its summit.

Wolf's and Linda's adventures all around Mount Untersberg seem so surreal as once the novels by Jules Verne had been, which yet turned into reality a hundred years later. One day, maybe, the temporal phenomenon on Mount Untersberg (and elsewhere) will be also explicable...