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Anyone who desires tension and loves riddles and adventures should have this book!

The catalogue of a book publishing company from which I have already acquired many interesting books made we aware of "Gems of Dominion". When I'd read what it was about, it was clear that I had to get this book, because I've been interested since childhood in old cultures like the Pharaohs, in trips to foreign countries, mysteries of the world and science fiction. Now I have read the first volume, you might say, "devoured it".

Wolfgang Stadler alias Stan Wolf has wonderfully managed to intertwine in this novel history, present and fiction. Everything I could visually imagine while reading, because I know many of the locations from my own visits and I am also familiar with Egyptian history and the mysteries of the pyramids, I own a small collection of gems as well and, being engineer, I know quite a lot about technology and optics.
The plot of the book is full of tension, the locations are real, and you wonder: Could the author not have gone through this himself? Okay, through the voyages certainly. Many of the characters are certainly real as well, as for example the leader of the Egyptian Antiquity Management, Dr Said Hamam. Anyone informed knows whom this refers to. The reader of the book will be poised at the edge of his seat, desiring to creep virtually across Mount Untersberg and check out on the time phenomena himself and search the pond for the gold bars from the Nazi era.

I have the 2nd volume already on my shelf, its turn will be right after working time. And the 3rd volume, already announced, is entered on my wish-list.
Wolfgang Elbel, Jena, 23/3/2011

A 'novel' which was not allowed to become a non-fiction book

Really well written! Just so that the one who knows will smile and the one who doesn't will shake his head.

Tom John Silver - TG's and CN's greetings from Switzerland, 10/3/2011